Vanessa and Caleb – Kualoa Ranch Wedding

Vanessa and Caleb

2016-11-09_0009Vanessa and Caleb met at work where they discovered they had a deep, mutual love for space and space exploration. Sharing this passion with them myself, I was really excited when I learned that they had chosen their wedding date for the very specific reason that it would fall on a full moon.

When I arrived at the room in which Vanessa was getting ready, I was amazed at the very laid back vibe she portrays. She even had her beautiful dress customized to include pockets to store her cell phone and tissues!

When Vanessa and Caleb saw each other for the first time it was very evident that they are deeply in love. The way that Caleb looks at Vanessa when she isn’t looking is incredibly sweet and heartwarming.

The evening ended perfectly, as the full moon came into view and Vanessa and Caleb danced under it. It was the perfect ending to a perfect night for a perfect couple!

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  • Kualoa Ranch, Heather Adams/Dean Tasaki
  • Aloha Bridal Connections, Natalie Christensen
  • Always 808 Flowers, Todd Oshiro/Kayla Liwag
  • Face Art Beauty, Dhyana Leung
  • Face Art Beauty, Dhyana Leung
  • Kualoa Ranch, Heather Adams/Dean Tasaki
  • Wyndham Waikiki Beach Walk
  • Ono Kine Entertainment, Jason Midro
  • Kahu Bruce
  • Pacific Party Rentals, Sheryl
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