United 2014 – Santa Barbara California

When I stepped off the plane in Santa Barbara, California the air was crisp, the sky was blue, the sun was out, and I fell in love immediately. The airport itself had a unique rustic and warm charm to it that I couldn’t help but feel at home. The palm trees, the ocean, and the warm wisps on my face brought me back to my youth growing up in Florida and spending weekends at the beach.

We pulled up to the Fess Parker in Santa Barbara and I was immediately in awe. The hotel itself boasts over 25 acres and offers incredible views of paradise from almost every angle. Behind the property is a line of mountains which took my breath away, being from the flat lands of Florida of course, and in front lay the vast and beautiful pacific ocean.

I came to Santa Barbara for United, a photography conference put on by Showit, Shoot and Share, and PASS creators. Their modo is share, service, and celebrate, and that’s exactly what we did. For four straight days, I spent time meeting new and wonderful people, participating in small group discussions and classes with some of my favorite photographers, exploring Santa Barbara, California in all its glory, and learning more than I thought was possible in such a small span of time. The most important things I learned had to do with myself, and that’s that the only boundaries for myself are the ones that I create. I am capable of so much if allow myself to be great. It’s not okay to compare yourself to other photographers, because you will always see the flaws in your own work. You will always feel that there is someone better than you. We can draw inspiration from others, but it’s important to be yourself, hone in on your specific skills, and never fall into the trap of comparisons unless it is for educational purposes only. I heard this during one of the speeches at the five minute fuel, and it is something that has stuck with me since and which I will continuously strive towards maintaining.

During my time at United I participated in several styled shoots including one that my friend and roomie Laressa Neuman put together. Here are just a few of the images I took during the week. The Great Gatsby Shoot, which was by far one of the most exciting shoots will not be shared with the public until the stylist for the shoot has had it published. I will make a special blog post for that shoot once we are given the okay =)


On the first day when we arrived to the hotel, the light coming into the back atrium was magnificent, and my friend Laressa took a great shot of me by the windows <3


Ten Yards of Fabric Shoot –


Rochelle Wilhelms


Timothy Eyrich



Aurelie McKaig


Elodie Michon


Amanda Walker


Production Coordinator: Kristin Renee



Rincon Floral


Embellishmint Floral Design Studio


2014-02-28_00032014-02-28_00042014-02-28_00052014-02-28_00062014-02-28_0007 - Copy2014-02-28_00082014-02-28_00092014-02-28_0011 - CopyVenue: Santa Barbara Sailing Center http://www.sbsail.comStyle Shoot Production, Wardrobe and Stylist- Stacy Childers House of Style SD House of Style SD http://stacychilders.comhttps://www.facebook.com/HOUSEOFSTYLESDProduction Coordinator: Kristin Renee



Models: Kristi Reynoldshttps://www.facebook.com/kristi.k.reynolds?fref=ts&ref=br_tfEmily Wall https://www.facebook.com/emilyjoy57?notif_t=friend_confirmedSINGLE BRIDEJessica Campbellhttps://www.facebook.com/jessica.campbell.188?fref=tsBRIDE & GROOMSuzy Van Dyke https://www.facebook.com/susannah.vandyke?fref=tsLukas Van Dyke https://www.facebook.com/lukas.vandykeENGAGEMENT COUPLE Emelia Schobeiri https://www.facebook.com/emjscho?fref=tsWilfried Schobieri https://www.facebook.com/nphase Floral: Rincon Floral with Sarah Hintonhttp://www.rinconfloral.comHair Stylists:Ronda Albanez https://www.facebook.com/ronda.albanez?fref=tsLindsey Donofrio http://www.withlovelindsey.comJenny Hopwood https://www.facebook.com/UnveiledMakeupKristi Reynolds https://www.facebook.com/kristi.k.reynolds?fref=ts&ref=br_tfMake-up Artists:Cathy Calabro -Mary Kay ccalabro@marykay.comCarolyn Morton- https://www.facebook.com/carolyn.pouletmorton?fref=tsHattie Liversidge- Mary Kay http://www.marykay.com/hattie.liversidgePatricia Guerrera https://www.facebook.com/patricia.guerrera?fref=tsJenny Hopwood https://www.facebook.com/UnveiledMakeup2014-03-03_0001








2014-03-03_0008This shoot happened when my roomate Laressa and I were discussing doing some bridals on the beach. We decided to skip one of the classes and have our friend Cassidy model for us, and it was definitely worth it because the images turned out amazing. Dress provided by Stacy Childers House of SD



























This is by far one of my favorite images from my time at United, and it was taken during my OCF class with Trevor Dayley. Trevor is one of my favorite photographers, so getting to meet him was an absolute dream. He is actually the one holding the light behind the couple, and I just think this shot is breathtaking.



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