Tony and Maggie Surprise Proposal!

The last thing I read on my phone before getting ready to shoot at the Moana Surfrider in Waikiki was a text from Tony to me that read “wish me luck!” And then I became almost as excited and nervous as he was. He was preparing to pop the question to his beautiful girlfriend (now fiance) Maggie. I love surprise proposals! There are so many challenges involved with them, like possibly not having had the chance to meet beforehand, or not knowing whether or not they will end up in a spot with good lighting during the proposal! But there is such an excitement and a rush of joy that goes through me when I’m photographing this moment for someone. I share in their joy, and I feel a sense of honor and responsibility in being able to capture the proposal in action.

Maggie was completely caught off guard by the proposal, although she told me later that she sensed something may have been going on by the fact that he was dressed up a little more formally and was not being flexible regarding their dinner plans. I can definitely see why these two get along so well and why they have chosen to spend their lives together. If I have ever had two outgoing, warm, personable, super friendly and genuine people in front of my camera it is definitely these two. I had the chance to sit down and talk with them a little after our session, and I just immediately felt like they were lifelong friends of mine! That’s one of the reasons I really love my job. It’s amazing to get to meet people like this.

Thank you Maggie and Tony for inviting me into such a special moment in your lives. It was truly an honor, and I hope you love the pictures!


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