Tasha and Alex – Traditional Laotian Wedding Ceremony

A few weeks ago I posted Tasha and Alex’s American wedding which took place at the Hilton Hawaiin Village in Waikiki. Today I’m sharing with you their beautiful traditional Laotian wedding which took place at the Ilikai Hotel and Suites in Waikiki. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived because I had never attended a Laotian ceremony. Tasha had prepared me for a “bright, colorful, and chaotic” event, but what I wasn’t prepared for was how emotional it was for everybody involved.

Every inch of the room was packed with the couples family and friends who traveled thousands of miles to join them in their two day celebration. In fact, the couple informed me that their family was an essential part of their wedding, and they wanted as many images of each and every guest to memorialize who special they are to the couple. The family ties are strong, and Alex and Tasha shed many tears as the family approached them with their gifts to offer their love and support for their new marriage.

I was so very honored to be a part of such a unique and beautiful wedding. I wish you both the best in your journey and a lifetime of happiness.


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