Tara and Keith’s Maui Beach Wedding

Any time that another talented photographer hires me to photograph such an important and special moment in their lives it is the highest honor for me. Tara is a families and children photographer in Colorado, but made the decision to travel to Maui to marry the love of her life. Tara and Keith already had their vacation planned before they decided to get engaged, and what better place to tie the knot than beautiful Maui! We found a gorgeous beach called Palauea near the Four Seasons and it was absolutely perfect. As Tara and Keith were saying their vows the sunset began to turn soft and golden and wrapped its light around them. It was an amazing contrast to the black rocks and blue sea. It was such an extraordinary opportunity to get the chance to go to Maui and photograph a wedding. A dream come true! Congrats Tara and Keith!

~Jenna Leigh
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