Beautiful Kahala Hotel and Resort Engagement

Alright, so I’m doing this a bit unorthodox because I’ve already posted Stephanie and Adam’s Wedding…but…I couldn’t not post their engagement also!

This lovely couple was a blast to take pictures of, and you could just feel the love in the air. For the location, we ended up on a secluded beach area near the luxury Kahala Hotel and Resort. The Kahala hotel is right in the heart of Honolulu and is just under three miles from Hawaii’s Diamond Head State Monument.

They were just one of those couples that I connected with immediately. They are fun, warm, outgoing, and their love for each other just radiates around them. Maybe it’s the fact that they met as cruise ship employees that gives them an extra 10 points in the cool factor for me. I have ALWAYS dreamed of working as an entertainer on a cruise ship, so it was really neat for me to hear their story. Adam is a ship navigator and Stephanie is a professional dancer working in Vegas now. How awesome is that?


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