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I enjoyed everything about Rose, Paul, and their beautiful North Shore wedding. These two live on the North Shore and decided to have their wedding in their backyard, which was very special and symbolic for them both. Rose is a wedding planner for Sunset Ranch, which is right up the road from her home, so she had a great deal of help from some of Oahu’s best planners and vendors for her wedding. But one of the most special things to Rose was the personal touches her mother was able to provide by creating the floral table runners, save the dates, and invitations.

There’s no way of describing Rose other than to say that she has a bubbly, outgoing personality that lights up the entire room when she walks in. Everybody is drawn to her and her energy and light. She was also the queen of the dance floor the entire evening, and it was evident where she got it from when her father took the stage with his electric guitar. All of Rose’s childhood friends burst into a frenzy as they screamed and danced to his music. It was an incredible night that I certainly won’t forget, and it was such an honor to be able to capture all of these amazing moments. Rose and Paul have both written a little something about their love for one another and how it began.

Rose’s side of the Story
I was fresh off the boat from the mainland 🙂 I moved to the beautiful state of Hawaii as a corp member for Teach for America, and found a room for rent in Waialua on this beautiful cul-de-sac one block away from the ocean. I would often go for runs on the bike path across the street from my house.

One day, I was coming back from a run (gross/sweaty, etc.) and I see this Hercules of a man coming back from the water with a gigantic SUP. My heart started pounding and I got butterflies as I quickly introduced myself to Paul. All throughout the week we kept running into each other (he was always conveniently outside when I would leave the house) and each time I saw him my heart pounded. I thought to myself…I absolutely MUST hang out with this man.

One day, I was lacing my shoes up on my driveway to head out for a run. Paul was again, conveniently, outside while I was doing this. He walked up to me and asked if I had ever been to Luibueno’s (a popular Mexican restaurant by our house) and asked me out for dinner! Needless to say, I felt like the Greek god Hermes running afterward and I swear I ran my fastest mile on that day. We’ve been together ever since that first date at Luibueno’s 🙂

Paul’s Side of the Story
This young, good looking girl moved in next door and became my neighbor. I asked her out for Mexican, fell in love, end of story. But on a serious note, I always knew she was going to be my wife. She is the only girl who can keep up with me (on runs, in the water, etc.) and tolerate my varying degrees of sarcasm.

We have been together for 4 years and our first year of marriage will certainly challenge us. Paul will be deploying to Saudi Arabia 2 weeks after the wedding, and I will be moving to Egypt to begin working at a private international school in Cairo!

Once we decide to settle down, our dream is to own and operate a vineyard. We are HUGE wine enthusiasts!


Wedding Venue * Bride’s House
Wedding Planner * Dania Weinberg
Caterer * John Seymour
Florist * Posey Parties
DJ * None
Cake * Sally Cohen
Band * Elephant
Hair and Makeup * Mirror Mirror & Mariah Melanie

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