Nicole and Daniel’s Halekulani Wedding in Waikiki

Working with Nicole and Daniel was like working with old friends. When I walked into Nicole’s dressing room her friends and family made me feel right at home, and Nicole was calm and excited about marrying the man of her dreams. Daniel has been devoted to Nicole from the very beginning. When Nicole was working night shifts, he would drive a long distance to pick her up and make sure that she was safe, and that was just one of the things that solidified to Nicole that what type of man he is. They both enjoy spending time at the mall and they love to drive around town and explore on the weekends. Since they met in 2010, they have always envisioned themselves together in old age sitting on a porch somewhere together and enjoying the nice weather.

Nicole and Daniel’s wedding was held at Halekulani, or “The House without a Key” in downtown Waikiki. They loved that there was a breathtaking view of Diamond Head directly from their ceremony location. The couple was very excited that their family, many from various parts of the country as well as China, were able to join them to celebrate such an amazing time in their lives. These two were absolutely amazing, and I am so excited for what life has in store for them. I wish them many years of happiness and love.

Thank you to all the vendors involved

Venue: Halekulani

Flowers – Passion Roots 

Cake – 2 tier Smooth Mocha Chiffon

Second Shooter – Brandy Britton

Videography – Hi Focused 

Halekulani Wedding

Wedding at Halekulani in Waikiki


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