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It’s been awhile since I’ve made a personal post, but it’s definitely time. Any time that I am given the opportunity to travel for a client I am so very honored. Adventure and travel are an essential part of my life and happiness and I’m very lucky to have a career that takes me all around the world. I’m the type of person that isn’t satisfying staying in one place. I have to move and explore and be free to see everything in the world. They call this “wanderlust”and I’ve basically suffered from it my entire life.
The first thing I noticed when arriving in Maui was how much more quiet and slow it was from Oahu. I live in Honolulu where traffic is bad and everything is crowded. Maui is less “big city” and more rural and I felt like everything was a little more laid back and chill.
I arrived in the evening, and headed out to the beach behind my hotel as soon as I woke up the next morning. What a view!

Originally I had noted that I wanted a small car and nothing fancy when I purchased my rental car online. The guy behind the counter overheard me telling another customer that I was enjoying a weekend away from the kids and decided to hand me the keys to a convertible. I’ve never driven a convertible before so I have to admit I was a little nervous. I actually told him no at first and handed the keys back to him. He took one look at me and said “You HAVE to drive this. It looks like it was made for you”. There wasn’t any extra cost for the car, so I decided to go for it. Even though I felt like a typical Maui tourist, I think the guy knew that the car was just my style. Driving around with my hair blowing in the wind was seriously an amazing and very free feeling.

2015-08-26_0001I decided to head up to the Haleakala crater on my first full day, but ended up stopping at Maui Skyline Eco Adventures for some zip lining. It wasn’t on my agenda, but I’m a really spontaneous person who enjoys a good thrill, so I decided to give it a go! I had a blast and got to meet some amazing fellow travelers along the way.

I knew I didn’t have enough time to make it up to the crater before the sun set, but I did get some breathtaking images a few miles up from the zip lining location. This is the Haleakala hillside. I couldn’t believe how lush and green it was. It was reminiscent of Scotland or Ireland.

2015-08-26_00162015-08-26_00152015-08-26_00142015-08-26_0017Th next day I made my way back up to the crater, which was a 2 hour steep drive. When I got to this point I realized I was above the clouds, which is such a cool feeling.

2015-08-26_0019The plant life up in the crater was SO interesting and almost alien.

This was probably one of the most gorgeous scenes I have ever witnessed in my life. I truly felt like I was on top of the world. The colors were simply majestic. I don’t even feel that this picture does it justice. I ended up hiking about two miles into the crater, but it was an extremely difficult hike all uphill on the way back. There also was no tree cover so it was very hot. Being in the crater was an experience in itself because it was extremely quiet. It was so quiet that I could hear my heartbeat in my ears.

2015-08-26_00222015-08-26_00212015-08-26_0023The lavender farm on the way back down.

2015-08-26_0005This is Ho’okipa lookout. I decided to hop the fence at the top and follow a few adventurous travelers down to the swimming hole, where I had a great time splashing around with the local sea turtles.

2015-08-26_00092015-08-26_0010This is Baldwin Beach. It’s located right at the town of Paia, which is such an awesome little hippie town made just for people like me =). I stopped and had some ice cream at the famous Coconut glens and a Pina Coloda.


2015-08-26_00082015-08-26_00072015-08-26_0006Maui was a magical time for me. I feel like I always learn a little more about myself when I’m traveling solo. I get to do a lot of thinking and self reflection, and a lot of testing myself and my limits on my own. You can’t be dependent on another person when you are by yourself so complete independence is important. I learn every time that I can do it on my own and still have a blast, and in the process I grow as a person and know that I am slowly reaching my goals. It’s such a great feeling.

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