Mary Anna and Matthew – Hawaii Wedding Photographer

When I met Mary Anna, I was struck by how full of grace and elegance she is. She is a youth minister at her church and prides herself on being a woman of God, which led her to Matthew who she worked with at the church. Matthew is full of laughter and fun and definitely lights up the room when he enters it. It’s obvious that people love him, but what’s even more obvious is the love that Mathew and Mary Anna have for each other. There is a tenderness that Matthew displays towards Mary Anna that would make any woman’s heart swoon. He seems to take great care in making sure that she is comfortable and safe, which was shown when he carried her to the field where we would be taking pictures so that her lace dress wouldn’t snag. A woman’s dream right?

Mary Anna and Matthew were surrounded by friends, family, and church members all day as they celebrated their union, many of whom were Mary Anna’s youth pupils at the church. I could tell that they looked up to her and viewed her as a role model. I was completely honored to photograph of this beautiful, traditional, and intimate wedding. I was touched by their love, and as always touched to be a part of something so special.