Julie and Patrick – A vintage wedding in Midland, Texas

I was so thrilled and honored when I was asked to shoot Julie’s wedding. I had shot her sisters wedding a few months back and I feel like I’ve become a part of their families biggest moments recently. It was really  neat to arrive and see how big some of the kids had gotten in just a few short months.

When I first met Julie and Patrick, and her sister’s wedding, the two were not engaged yet, but I knew by looking at them interact that it would be no time at all. They both have a glow around them when they are with each other. I can tell they feel that they are the only ones in the room. Julie was such an elegant bride, not just in how she looked but in her demeanor as well. She just exudes such a sweet personality and I could tell when Patrick looked at her that he felt very proud of who he would be pledging his life too on that day.

I absolutely loved Julie’s handmade vintage wedding. I asked Julie to write a little about it because I know the decor was very personal to her.

From the Bride:

Patrick and I met at bible study we have been attending for the past couple of years. I really never noticed him until October of 2011, when our group leader made it a point to inform me of Patrick’s hiring at the fire department. He so sweetly bought me a cake on my birthday that fell in November of 2011. We finally made it official in January of 2012. God definitely brought us together in His timing and allowed to become husband and wife today.
I picked the theme for the wedding because really I couldn’t just have one theme. I love photography, vintage, and modern flair. I chose the old cameras to represent time of photography and vintage feel. The modern part of the wedding was the DIY chandelier my mom so graciously made for the alter, as well as the back drop. I chose the chevron aisle runner simply because it was fun and modern. I loved everything about my wedding and how well my mom portrayed what I envisioned my wedding to be. I picked the deep purples and charcoal grays because they were rich and vibrant. The colors were perfect for a fall wedding.
The most special part of the day was that we were able to help celebrate the day with my grandparents, whose 61st anniversary fell on October 11th. I want a marriage like theirs and I wanted in some way to honor their commitment to each other by making our own commitment to each other. I have to say seeing Patrick get so emotional as I walked down the aisle had to be a very special moment of our day!