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Paradise Cove is truly one of my favorite places to photograph. When you arrive you immediately feel the clean ocean breeze on your face, and you hear the howling of the waves crashing in front of you. There is a peaceful serenity that I feel at this location. I arrived and found Kevin, his groomsmen, and his son preparing for the big day. I immediately felt at home with their family, who was waiting with excitement for Joyce to walk down the aisle.

Joyce and Kevin met five years ago through the Army. Kevin still serves in the Army while Joyce is a veteran. One of the things I loved watching throughout the day was their love and interaction with their baby boy Christian. All of the children in attendance at this wedding were a central part of the celebration and entertainment.

As Joyce, Kevin, and I headed out on the rocks behind the venue, we weren’t sure if were going to be swept away. The waves were large and coming up pretty close to where we were standing, which is a dangerous situation in Hawaii. It made for an adventure that these two were thankfully up for! I love when my clients are as fearless as I am in the pursuit of beautiful pictures. We made sure to grab our shots quickly and move on to more dry ground. As we rounded the corner away from the venue I couldn’t believe the beautiful mountain view in front of me, which was the perfect backdrop for many of their pictures.

There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset beach wedding on the rocky west coast of Oahu. I was so very privileged-+ and honored to be a part of this. Thank you Kevin and Joyce and I wish you many years of happiness and love.

~ Jenna Leigh

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