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Almost a year ago, I met up with Jen and Michael at an adorable little crepe restaurant in Kailua, where I fell in love with them instantly as clients. They were down to earth, chill, kind, adventurous, and love Hawaii as much as I do. I could tell immediately that their wedding was one that I wanted to be at. These two own a home here in Kailua and visit often, so having their wedding at Kualoa is extremely special to them.

Immediately when I arrived Jen and her friends and family made me feel welcomed, and her relaxing demeanor was contagious. It was the perfect wedding day atmosphere and set the tone for the entire event. When we arrived at Kualoa Michael couldn’t wait to see his beautiful bride. Their first look was touching and emotional, and even I shed a tear as they exchanged letters and gifts. I had no idea until that day just how in love Jen was with her cat, so to see Michael provide Jen with cat decorated tissue and hold up her cat sign, definitely showed he much he cares about her and the things she loves.

This first picture showing Micheal and Jen holding the adventure awaits sign is a perfect beginning for their beautiful island wedding. It was filled with love, emotion, and family and friends. So happy for these two and I wish them many years of happiness.

~ Jenna Leigh

Secret Beach Wedding 2016-06-26_0011

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