Jarrah and Steven – Tenroc/ Austin Texas Wedding Photographer

When I arrived at Jarrah Crotty’s friends home for her bridal portraits I was greeted by all of her bridesmaids as well, who showed their love and loyalty to Jarrah in every way possibly by helping her with her bridal shoot. I found that they had all been good friends for years, a tight knit group, and their bonds were very strong. The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and fun, and I found myself feeling right at home with them.

Jarrah and Steven were high school sweethearts, and their connection and devotion to each other was beyond evident on their wedding night. There were little kisses and glances at each other when nobody else was looking, and a tear in Jarrah’s eyes as she said her vows to Steven.

Jarrah and her mother own and run a a funeral home, so I wasn’t surprised to see and hear the many thanks and homages paid to the friends and family who couldn’t be with them on their wedding day, but who was with them in spirit. Jarrah had the opportunity to open a little box that her aunt had left for her before she passed away that included lots of candy and special items for Jarrah to have on her wedding day. The sweet moments between family members both present and not was incredibly touching.

Jarrah and Steven’s wedding was a blast. From dancing the night away to smores on the back porch and bacon covered cupcakes, this couple made sure they had it all for their guests. Thank you Jarrah and Steven for allowing me to be a part of such a special, intimate day for you both. I am sincerely honored.

~ Jenna Leigh