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As someone who has been through the process of getting married, I know how difficult it is to choose the vendors who will be with you on such an important day. Out of everything you purchase, the one that will last the longest are the memories and moments captured by your photographer. This isn't something I take lightly. 

I understand that each wedding and its needs are vastly different from one another, and I've put together collections for portrait sessions to short elopements and all the way up to full day events. Please contact me for a customized quote! 

Packages begin at $3000 


Serving the D.C, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia areas. 
Also available for Destination Weddings Worldwide



Images that you will treasure for generations 


Capturing images that show the love between you two 


Real Moments captured when you aren't aware

– FAQ –


One of my favorite things to photograph is the connection between acouple, and that's really what I enjoy capturing. Sure, a picture made in a studio of the two of you looking straight at the camera can be a really nice picture! It may even be one that you would blow up and put on your wall. But the types of photos that I am always chasing after are the ones where all of the love and joy you feel when you are with that person is captured in that one sacred moment in time. Life is short, and I do what I do because I feel that I provide my clients with images that they can look back on 50 years from now and say "Look how much we love each other", because they see it right there in that image. That is what gives me the joy in what I do, and what keeps me going, and that is my photographic style.


Immediately following the wedding I will post a Facebook and/or blog sneak peek with my favorite images from your wedding. Your completed and final gallery will be provided to you within 6-8 weeks of your wedding. This is because I edit each image myself. I do not outsource my editing.


These days many people have decent digital camera's, so you  might be asking yourself why you would hire me. The biggest thing that separates me from your aunt, uncle, or friends who don't own photography businesses, is the experience of shooting many weddings. I have shot so many weddings now that I know the flow of the day, I'm familiar with where I need to be at each moment to capture certain images that you want, I am completely comfortable with my camera on manual mode which is very important. I know exactly how to manipulate my exposure to get a specific look and I can recreate it each and every time. I know how to shoot in many different types of lighting which can be very difficult for budding photographers and use flash to enhance imagery in the dark or to illuminate you while still being able to capture the sunset at your back. And most importantly, I'm passionate about wedding photography. I know how to make you look good, and I know the way to make you both show the love that you have for one another in camera. These are the most important moments of your life that you will never get back. Don't trust that to someone who doesn't have the same experience.