Dayna and Taylor

Dayna and Taylor met in Italy, a place very close to both of their hearts, so it was only fitting that they join their lives together with a celebration that represented their beginning. Dayna and her bridesmaids got ready for the big day in a beautiful Tuscan inspired flat. She was surrounded by the people she loves most and radiated an elegance matched only by the environment around her. Outside the flat was a wide view of the vineyards, which produce some of the best tasting wine in Texas. The venue itself was boasted beautiful authentic Italian sculptures, Ivy laced walls, and an inviting and relaxing setting that Dayna and Taylor felt very comfortable in.

Some of the most touching moments for me as their photographer were the moments between Dayna and her parents. When her father came into the room and saw her for the first time it was evident to everyone present how much love he has for her. After Dayna’s mother was finished placing the veil, she took a step back to take in her daughters beauty and the look of pride on her face made me tear up. The bond between these families are beautiful and I love capturing these special moments.

Dayna and Taylor said their vows with the vineyard behind them, the perfect backdrop for this couple to share their Italian journey with their friends and family, and then headed to Italy for their honeymoon afterwards to re visit some of the places where their romance began. Theirs is a true fairytale, and I was so honored to be  a part of it.

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