Chantel and Cody – Gannon’s Maui Wedding Photographer

Chantel and Cody have a very special bond because they have known each other since they were children. I have photographed my fair share of high school sweethearts, but these two literally grew up together, and it was clear that their families were not two families joining together but already one close support system for them both. Their friendship blossomed into a beautiful romance as they grew older and has only been strengthened through their mutual love of Christ who guides their relationship and their lives.

Their wedding day began with an emotional first look. We begged for Cody to take off his sunglasses, but he was steadfast in keeping them on. Still, his joy and emotion showed through and you could tell that this was one of the most special moments of his life. It was such an sweet, emotional moment that even I found myself tearing up behind my camera.

Chantel’s father has not only been an important integral part of her life, but also both Cody and Chantel’s pastor. He told me before the ceremony that it was a very proud and honorable moment to be able to perform the ceremony for his beloved daughter and son, and something he had been looking forward to. It was a very moving ceremony filled with prayer, promises from friends and family, and lots and lots of love.

We finished the day photographing at sunset over on the beautiful Paulauea beach in Wailea, Maui which was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Cody and Chantel for allowing me to be a part of capturing such a special day for you both. I wish you and your family a lifetime of love and happiness.

~ Jenna Leigh

Gannon's Maui Wedding Wedding at Gannons Maui Maui Wedding Photographer Hawaii Wedding Photographer

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