Becca and Alex at Vista West Ranch, Austin Texas – Austin Texas Wedding Photography

Becca and Alex – Beautiful spring wedding at Vista West Ranch in Austin, Texas

I knew from the moment I met Becca and Alex that their wedding would be very special. They have a very beautiful natural chemistry with each other and they have been with each other for 11 years. It is always a very sweet experience to watch high school sweethearts pledge their lives to one another. I was in tears as I watched the video their father put together which showed the two growing up side by side. Family and friends told me that their wedding day was long awaited which gave it an extra special meaning.

About 6 months ago I shot Becca and Alex’s engagement photos at the popular junkyard art museum in Austin, Texas. I loved their spunky Austin style and their laid back personalities. We had headed over to their favorite bar spots just up the road and I was able to get a glimpse into their life which is always really exciting for me as a wedding photographer.

The couples wedding was as unique and beautiful as I expected it to be. I absolutely loved all of the eclectic and vintage pieces that Becca chose for her decor, and Vista West Ranch fit very well with their style, theme, and personality. I loved being a part of such an important day in their lives and couldn’t be more honored to have been their wedding photographer.

xoxo ~ Jenna Leigh

Special thanks to my talented second shooter Larissa Rogers who went above and beyond at this wedding

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Photography: Jenna Leigh Photography

Second Shooter: Larissa Rogers of Be  Moments Photography

Wedding Planner: Jaime Dydalewicz

Venue: Vista West Ranch

Flowers: HEB Bloom

DJ: CJ Roberts Complete Music and Audio