Anne and Chris – The Modern Honolulu Wedding

Before moving to Hawaii I lived in Texas and one of the things I miss the most is the sweet southern charm and hospitality of the south. That’s why when I walked into Anne’s room and met her and her mother it brought all of that back for me and I felt right at home. Anne and Chris live in South Carolina, but Hawaii was a special vacation spot for Anne and her family growing up so they knew it would be the perfect place for a wedding.

Anne and Chris had a beautiful wedding at The Modern in Honolulu, which is one of my favorite venues here on the island of Oahu. It’s so peaceful, and it overlooks the harbor in Waikiki. It’s that Waikiki charm without the Waikiki chaos, and the venue staff is so lovely and kind.

One of the most special things about Anne and Chris’s wedding day is the emotion and love between all of the family members, and the bond that Anne shared with her brothers. One of my favorite images from this wedding is a photo of Anne’s brother hugging her after he walked her down the aisle. A beautiful moment!

I asked Anne and Chris a little about their story and here is some of what they had to say.

Chris: We first met at a health food store that I was working at part-time. I remember coming around the corner and seeing Ann Taylor for the first time. She was absolutely gorgeous. I decided that I had to go up and talk to her. Once we started talking, I was instantly intrigued and knew that she was something special. Our conversation continued at the cash register.

Anne: The first time I saw Chris, I was at a health food store in search of “healthy” cake. He was working as a cashier, and once I saw him I realized that I had to find something to buy. He “checked me out” and we chatted for a few moments. Over the next few days, I had an intense craving for more “healthy” cake, so I returned to the health food store multiple times. [I really just wanted to run into Chris.] On one occasion the health food store ran out of cake, so I settled for vegan apple pie. As I looked for a seat, I ran into Chris. He happened to be on his lunch break. We sat together and talked. After the first bite, I realized that I preferred apple pie that had been heavily drenched in butter. I asked Chris if he wanted the remainder of my pie and to my surprise, he said yes. I guess you could say that it was “love at first bite.”



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