Amanda and Zach – Wedding Photography at Vintage Villas in Austin, Texas

It was a warm January morning (Wait..did I just say that?) Yes that’s right. It was a warm and sunny January morning when I woke up and headed out to the beautiful Vintage Villas in Austin, Texas. I was contacted by Amanda many months ago to shoot her wedding, which she described as traditional and elegant. Being in Texas, most of the wedding I photograph are Texas themed and country in nature, but Amanda loved the look and elegance of the Vintage Villas and wanted to match that in her decor. Their ceremony was held at Emmaus Catholic Church in Lakeway, Texas



Amanda and Zach were actually married about 6 months ago but decided they would have a big wedding  for friends and family which was important to them. They are both very family oriented and it was beautiful to see all of the people who love them enjoying such a special day with them. Amanda plans on returning to California while Zach deploys to the middle east as he serves in the Navy. Many thanks to him for his service to this country. As a military spouse and veteran I certainly understand  what those sacrifices entail, and being apart for any length of time can be challenging. The love between these two was beautiful and genuine, and I know that that will give them the strength they need to get through it. 


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