Allie and Chris – Lanikai Pillbox Engagement Photography

When I first met Allie and Chris, I felt like I was meeting celebrities! Growing up in Orlando, I had my fair share of childhood dreams of doing flips and tricks with the dolphins and whales at Seaworld, and to be able to meet two  trainers in person was a pretty neat experience. Allie and Chris met while working together as Dolphin trainers at The Kahala Resort in Oahu. These two share a passion for animal conservation and education, and have dedicated their lives to those causes.

This was one of the first shoots in quite a long time that my husband was able to join me on, so a few of these photos are his. He did an amazing job, and we both had such an awesome connection with Allie and Chris and didn’t want our shoot to end. It’s fun to find others with the same enthusiasm about hiking and being outdoors on this beautiful island. These two are so sweet and adorable together and I am so excited for them as they get married soon in their home town back on the mainland. I wish you guys much love and happiness!

~Jenna Leigh

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