Aimee and Jason – La Pietra School Wedding

Aimee was one of the first clients to meet with me in my new downtown Chinatown office, and when she arrived I knew that she would be an amazing bride. Her down to earth and fun personality really showed, and I was so excited about the details she shared with me about her beautiful La Pietra School Wedding in downtown Honolulu.

Arriving on the wedding day I opened the door and found Aimee chilling and relaxing, and that’s exactly the type of bride she was. So relaxed and conveying the laid back spirit of Hawaii. I wasn’t at all surprised when I met Jason, who was just as fun and quirky as Aimee. The two have such a beautiful relationship filled with laughter which I really enjoyed witnessing and photographing.

One of my favorite aspects of their wedding day was the traditional Chinese dragon dance that showcased some of Aimee’s Chinese heritage. During the dance friends and relatives would approach the dragons and feed them with dollars which kept the dance going.

It was truly an honor to be a part of this special day with them, and to have the chance to witness a new cultural tradition. I wish them many years of love, happiness, and joy.

~ Jenna Leigh

Special thanks to the planner and coordinator of this beautiful wedding Aloha Bridal Connections!
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